VST's missing and Preferences Scanning not working to allow VST2's

Just updated to 4.3. None of my VSL VST’s are showing up in the VST list in PLAY mode. The other ones from East West and Native Instruments are there. Rescanning doesn’t seem to do anything…
I wonder if others are able to see their VSL plugins? I note that the ability to allow blocked VST2 plugins is missing now?
I’m on Mac OS Monterey 12.6

Do you have a lot of entries on that list? It doesn’t seem to expand to allow all VSTs to show, and there’s no feedback to let the user know some are hidden. Can you scroll with the mouse when hovering over the list? When I do that (on Windows) the bottom of my list becomes visible.

Because they are all categorized by developer I don’t have a long list and it doesn’t scroll. VSL is just not listed. The main thing in Preferences is that the old ‘Allow Blocked Plug-in’s’ option is missing. I also have the Yamaha CFX piano - I can load it via the ARIA player, but not directly as a VST2 which is what I could do with 4.2.
Are you seeing your VSL VST’s then? I loaded a project which had many VEPro entries and their were lots of exclamation marks to convey that the VST is missing…I don’t think it’s a question of it being hidden.

Is it perhaps that you’re running on an Apple silicon Mac, and you were previously running under Rosetta, but now you’re not?

Daniel, Thank you! That was it!..I had forgotten about that little detail with all the excitement. Many thanks once again for the quick reply and for the update in general. The piano roll/midi CC editing features are spectacular.

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Daniel, I am on Windows 10 and since I migrated to 4.3 my VSL plugins are not showing up. I have a list by developers (which is potentially an improvement) but VSL does not appear.

In other words the list I have does not show a top level menu for Vienna. In particular I am using Vienna Imperial (Sampled Piano) which is a VST2 and allowed in my whitelist. BTW Vienna Enemble Pro is not showing up either


Yep, I was just getting ready to post that. There’s nothing indicating to the user that the drop-down is incomplete or that it’s even possible to scroll here. I’d really like to see the drop-down to expand to include all entries, have scroll bars on the side, or some other visual means of letting the user know they need to scroll here.

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Indeed some user feedback but also the abilit to categorize the plugins in a way we have control over. The Spitfire stuff is classified in a way that does not make a lot of sense.

The other key improvement is the ability to start typing the name of a plugin in a search box to have it appear in the list (The way Cubase works for instance)


FWIW, Vienna Ensemble Pro works that way as well.