VSTs not recording in Cubase 5

The issue I’m having is identical if not the same as the one reported in this thread http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?p=82836

I’m having some issues with recording ezdrummer in Cubase. I set ezdrummer in vst instruments, the track comes up and if I play any of the drum components I see the the blue bar go up and down. Now,I try adding the beat designer, ‘design’ a beat and the blue bar goes up and down etc. When I try to record,Cubase does not record anything. I get a thing showing the track has started,but no dots showing the different beats. Any help? Please?

What are you trying to record? Midi? I use EZDrummer, and if I don’t record my own midi - from edrums, a keyboard etc - I’ll drag and drop in EZDrummers own drum beat rhythms. Can you do that at least?

If i drug a track-song i can hear it. But when i’m playing the guitar i have exactly the same problem with you.I see the volume wave,i hear the guitar,but i got no recording wave,just a str8 line.
please anyone could help?