VST's not showing up

Hi, I’ve installed several VST’s lately but 2 of them are not appearing in Cubase, ‘HY-Delay’ and Hexter… Is anyone else using them with success?

Any tips on figuring out what’s going on? They’re def in the right folders. I’ve heard of a blacklist of sorts but not sure where this is or why plugins would appear on it and what to do when I find it…

Any info appreciated, thanks.

Some computer/software specs will be helpful…

Are you saying that if you look in the Cubase plug in manager they do not show up in the list even though the .dlls are located in one of the folders that are listed in the “VST 2 Plug In Paths Setting” screen?

If no… make sure you refreshed (rescaned) for the plug ins OR you need to add the .dlls to one of the folders listed in the settings screen OR add the folder path(s) where the .dlls are located to the setting screen. Again, please rescan if you make any changes.

If yes… we will need more info.

Regards :sunglasses:

Correct. :slight_smile:

Which is why I find it very strange…

I have 2 VST2 plugin paths and tried putting the .dlls in both(No proper installer just .dlls to add to the plugin folders)

On C8.5 32bit WIN7


Im having the exact same problem, stranger yet, I installed the same plug in on a different computer on which I use cubase and it worked fine. Also tried both paths.

Same here!!! What’s going on?

Most plugs work, but some are totally ignored?

They are probably balcklisted