.vsts not working on a mac...

Hi guys,

Just tried to install daHornet and the fish fillets products by copy / pasting the VSTs into the audio/plug-ins/vst folder but they’re not appearing in Cubase to use. I’ve had no trouble with the TAL plugins and I did updated the plug-ins list and restarted Cubase. They’re just not appearing in the list.

I though the point of having a mac was everything was meant to work! :wink:

Can anyone help shed some light on this issue?

I’m using Cubase version 5.5.3 on a MacBook Pro with OSX 10.8.2


Are they blacklisted perhaps?

I think it is a question of the age of those plugins… is your version of daHornet the freeware version (which in fact dates back to 2004! and is PPC only…i.e. pre-Intel Macs (or via Rosetta), and certainly no longer compatible with OS X 10.8x), or the updated universal binary version ($9 US)?
I’m pretty sure that the fishfillets were never updated to universal binary, so, out of luck there too, I’m afraid.

Cheers guys, I appreciate you getting back to me.

You get what you pay for, I guess. Tis a shame because daHornet is a cool synth and who do I have to pay to get a mac version of Glitch?! :wink:

Oh well…

I solve this by running an older version of Cubase (4) on a PC and then connect the Mac and the PC. This is for all my old software and also for the great free plugs that is VST PC only.