VSTs show up as a blank image


Has anyone ever had problems Granular guitars VST or other VSTs that show up as a blank image and showing the content, but does not play on the right side. There is no sound, and only the Stop and Loop buttons are enabled. The file can’t be added to Cubase either?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have been installing and uninstalling. It shows up in the library, and is registered.


Just checked a patch or two from each of my Padshop libraries, including Granular Guitars, and didn’t have any issues.

Padshop2 2.1.0
Cubase Pro 12.0.52
Win 10 Pro 1909

Thanks SF Green.
Whatever the problem is, it is on two of my computers. I have a Windows 10 computer using Cubase 11, and a Windows 11 computer using Cubase 12. Both with the latest version of Padshop.
Cubase 11 shows an icon of Granular Guitars, but doesn’t play anything.
Cubase 12 doesn’t show anything inside Cubase.

And both have them in the Library. What peeves me off more is I bought this package as a stand-alone when it originally came out.

Found out more info. It is the loops that are missing from Granular Guitars. The Padshop presets are there for both, but I am looking for the loops. They seem to be missing in action in both Cubase programs.

So try re-downloading and reinstalling the libraries (not Padshop) should be your next step, or did you already try that?
So do your libraries show up in the Steinberg Library Manager? Did you try going to the library location and try re-registering them (double-click on the file)?

Yup I have unregistered, trashed the files and re-downloaded and put back in library many times. Going to try and uninstalling Cubase and all files, and re-install brand new.
See what that gets me…

Question about the Granular Guitars. Is it supposed to show up in the Loops or just in Instruments under Padshop?