Hi everyone,

Could someone please tell if/how it is possible to organise VSTs effects Cubase 8.

e.g. when I installed a Waves compressor the other day, it appeared automatically in the Compressor list of the plugin selection box. Same happened when I installed their Kramer Master Tape - it just went automatically in the Distortion folder.

However when I installed iZotope Trash it didn’t automatically appear in the Distortion list of the plugins box, it just stuck itself onto the bottom of the list. Likewise when I installed Klanghelm VUMT - it added itself onto the bottom of the list when actually I want it to go in the Tools folder.

Is there a way to do this?


Hi and welcome,

You can organize plug-ins yourself in the Devices > Plug-in Manager. Here you can make your own Collections with folders and own structure.

Thank you very much