VSTSDK 3.7.3 AUv3 validator issue

I tried running note_expression_synth AUv3 and during AU Validation I am getting the following error.
“Class data fields …, …, … do not match component description”
What about it?


Same with AGainAUv3 (attached log)
logAGainAUv3.pdf (33.7 KB)

Btw How can I register newly installed AUv3 plugin by command line straight from an installer?

I see the same and I’m out of ideas what this means. The AU documentation is of no help here and I filed a bug report at Apple (FB9297080) a few month ago without a reaction yet.

I think it is VSTSDK AUv3Wrapper bug.

Please try:

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Yeah, this is indeed the reason for the bug. Thanks for finding.