Is there a list of the vstsound files we should have for each VST Instrument/Instrument set?
I am moving all sounds and samples to a new SSD and can see there are many missing files.

Two possible workarounds… 1) make sure folder options are set to “untick” hide protected operating system files. Some of the ones you might be missing should show up. 2) check out the “additional content” folder on the original installation dvd. The .vstsound file should say whether it is for “HS”, “HSSE”, “Grooveagentone” etc…

All sorted now apart from vstsound 139 which is apparently on DVD2 of HSSE2. I dont have this as I upgraded online.
The download section although this is rather good only has updates and not original software.
Does anyone know where to get a link to original HS2 or HSSE2 dvd2 or the VST 139 file?
Have already requested from support but waiting for reply.