Is threre the way to save vstsounds from Vst Loop Sets with the project like other waves?


I’m sorry, I’m not sure I understand your question. Could you provide more details/example, please?

If I drag and drop to project sounds from ex. Saxophone Set or loop from Sequel Ambient content sound file is not saved on audio folder of he project.


These are an Instrument presets plus (maybe) a MIDI Loop(s), right? Then you can Render in Place to get an Audio out of it, which you can then use as an audio. Or you can Export Audio MixDown to get an Audio file.

No. Its loading like wav waveform. When its missing Cubase seys somehing like “missing: blah blah vstsound … path to file…”


What is the path in the Pool? If it comes from the VST Soundset, it’s not going to be present at a dedicated file. The VST Soundset is pack of multiple sounds. You can always reach the given sound, if the Soundset had been installed.

But again, if you need it, you can Bounce Selection or you can Render in Place.

I understand. Its path to whole pack of sounds, yes? Ok. Then the options is bouncing…
Thank you Martin.

If you know where the Sample file is located on your computer, you could use the Import button in the Pool to initially copy & bring it into the Project. Then use that one to actually work with.

I think he inquired about .vstsound files in Steinberg Content.

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That’s right