where can I find a tutorial for use of the VstViewer within VST Live?


  • how can I change the window size ?
  • how can I force it to store and restore its window position ?
  • how can I force it to open in a fullscreen mode on a second screen without wasting most of the space for the manufactures logo bitmap ?
  • how can I automate to open the viewer when changing song or part ?
  • is it really the only way to be opened via the Module-“e” symbol at any song/part change ?

In which way does this feature make sense on stage in its current state ?
(It costs an extra fee for users of Elements license. I payed. For what ?)


Hi @gerhard.kiessling

There is no tutorial, sorry.

The viewer is a resizable window. You should be able to resize the viewer with the resize-handle (bottom-right corner). No?

VST Live 1.1.10 should store/restore the last size of the plug editor. I’ve tried it. It works. Are you running the lastet VST Live 1.1.10 and VST Viewer 1.0.10?

… yes, good one. We’ll try to add that one to one of the next updates of the Viewer.

We are working on it. Please give us a bit more time.

I see. You have upgraded from VST Elements to VST Live for that Module feature. Sorry, if you are not happy at the moment. But promised. We’ll fix the loose end and implement your requested feature.


ok. accepted.