VTS Instruments Cubase 12 Pro

I use and enjoy the following VST and you remove them for 12 pro what a rip off,
Really don’t know what to say Steinberg?
Spector, LoopMash, Mystic and Prologue cannot be found in Cubase 12. The Plug-in Manager cannot find them (even if you set different search paths to all VST3, Steinberg and Common folders.) I even set up a search for the entire Program Files Folder in Windows 10 and still not found).

There’s been talk about this already a while back. If you use the search function you should find more than a few.
Here’s one that has a lot of valuable information.
I believe the short answer is that these instruments were developed by a 3rd party and license agreement between them and Steinberg expired.

Thank you mlindeb🙏
I was excited to utilize the new 12 pro, but let done with the unexpected removal of key VTS components😮
Hopefully I can continue with 11pro to go around this set back in the learning curve.
Obviously, Steinberg is not offering solutions, seems bad business practices affect us all $$$.