VU Meter in the MixConsole

I don’t believe resizing is a problem. The difficulty would rather be to have good visibility of the VU meter and in this regard Steinberg had already resolved this problem with various elements of the Strip Channel.

VU meters are about behaviour, not presentation. They don’t have to be retro with the needles, they can be bars just as easily. All that needs changing in the mix console is the ballistic behaviour, plus the usual option in the context menu to switch twixt peak and VU mode. Not that hard, I would have thought.

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I would prefer to have this option available in a plugin window. VU meter at front of the mixer is fine but every time I would like to check levels between plugins I would still need to add additional VU plugin.
I would like to see just a numerical representation in a corner of a plugin window (that can be hidden when not needed). Visuals of analogue VU meter are useless.

Ah, okay. I’m pickin’ up what you’re layin’ down now! :sunglasses:

That doesn’t really make sense to me. VU metering is all about the ballistics of a visual representation of a signal. I really don’t ‘see’ how you could get the same feeling from a changing numerical value as opposed to a rising needle or bar.

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The same way as any VU meter that has numerical values. Like the one in Supervision.
All I need is to know if signal is reaching 0VU.

I think it would be a cool option. Clients would probably love it too.

Look at those meters bounce!!!