VU meters in recording section not saved

I’m not sure if it’s a bug or not or that I might be missing something, but the VU meter settings in the recording dialog are not saved along with the saved default settings. I can save a preset and reopen that, but I can’t get it to work as the default settings. They are reset to wavelab default every time you quit and re-open. Not that i make use of the meters that much, but I find it annoying.

No problem here. Maybe it’s one specific parameter that causes problem?

What do you mean with parameter? It doesn’t save the settings as default, no particular parameter, but all parameters.

Here the settings are saved/restored.
What settings do you change, for instance?

I changed the scale (max +2 db) and the values vs color (green/yellow-6db /red 0db) are differently set. Nothing spectacular.
The saved setting can be opened again and then it works, but it doesn’t save these in my default settings.
It’s just the VU in the recording dialog, the regular VU (I have it floating) saves fine and re-opens fine.
BTW, i’m on a PC running win7 x64