VU Meters - View Settings (?) Problem

Hi all,

long time since here last time. I suffered a seizure from over-working (15h-20h every day) and since recovery I have forgotten half of just about everything. So bear my stupid questions. Thanks.

I have SOME KIND of recollection that the Mixer window’s VU meters could be adjusted so that it holds peaks for some time and then there is a fall-down velocity if the volume levels, say, drop enough. I found some adjustments from Preferences and also by right-clicking on the Mixer windows and selecting “Global Meter Settings” but only the peak-holding for 3 seconds work and then there is an ugly behaviour during audio fade-out that the meter value stays high for that holding time 3 seconds and then it does NOT elegantly fall down like 20dB/s like it should, but immediately.

OK, I know this is not a big issue but I kind of remember having that working like in a real studio. Now VU meters just jumping around looks ugly and ‘nervous’.

I do NOT have the Fast Release selected under “Global Meter Settings” as I don’t want the meter to be released fast but slowly. The Hold Peak choice is of course selected active.

Since there are settings under Prefs for Fast Release and Slow Release then I would think that those should work but I must be doing something wrong. Hell, I couldn’t even remember how to do a fade-out anymore!! Seizures rule!!!

Also it would be a nice feature to have BOTH highest VU meters’ value remained (in, say, red color) and the current VU values as yellow if someone like myself would like it. Also meters per track should be possible to be viewed simultaneously by Meters Input, Post-Fader and Post-Panner - when needed. Only the view width per track could then be a bit wider, for example.

OK, hope you can help. Please be gentle :slight_smile:


Dont think you can, you seem to have found all the settings. Oh… they’re not VU meters but peak meters, the response is quite different.

Oh… that resolves it.

Like I said the “problem” is really not present at all - it merely would just be a nice feature, BUT helpful in some situations. I don’t know then what are those velocities in the Prefs like Slow Fall (20dB/s) and Fast Fall (40dB/s) since I would think that they’d apply also to the Peak Meters. Would be nice anyway.

Thanks for clarifying this out. I remembered wrong.


It would be very nice to be able to have proper VU metering in Cubase with and option for both types, but I suppose with peak metering the only really important bit is the peaks!!!