Hello all,
I’ve not explored this yet & pardon my stupid question, but is there a software VU meter in Nuendo 5.5 please ??

Thank you in advance


VUMT from Klanghelm

+1 on this plugin.

That psp meter looks good and while I have (analog) meters all over my room, an averaging meter that can be inserted internally in a project would be really useful.

Thanks fir the link!

This one is also fully configurable, so you can set the ballistics as you need them to be for proper VU emulation
Just click on the “PSP VintageMeter” legend and the settings appear

Here’s another one - - not free, but close at less than 2 euros.

+1 on the Klanghelm vu’s.

The dev recently updated it with a number of new features- highly recommended.

Thank you chaps,

The free PSP one is fantastic & I’m using it as we speak.
Unfortunately, it won’t work with N5… (VST ???)

However, I ended up loading onto an old laptop with N3 & an old Digigram PCMCIA 2 track sound card & it works a treat.

Thanks heaps!! :smiley:


Works fine in N5 here.
What OS are you on???


Works fine in N5 here.
What OS are you on???[/quote]

Lion 10.7.2 …???