W Elements 8: Mp3 converter not free???

I’ve just installed Wavelab El 8 since few days. I was exploring its possibilities, when yesterday i tried to save a file in Mp3 format : a window said that i’ve got only 20 trials left, and for illimited i have to purchase this option !!!
Is it a joke ?
Does really a 99 euros software not provide a simple Mp3 converter (which is common in lot of free audio softwares) ?

Did I understand well, or there is an escape way for this basic demand? ( i was sure it was obvious)


If the Lame encoder is present on your computer, WaveLab can use it. But WaveLab does not ship with it.
Legally, no free software is allowed to include an mp3 encoder (royalties to pay).

The Lame encoder is the better option qualitywise anyway.


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First, Thanks for your answer.
It’s Ok for the LAME;
But I’m just disappointed to see that a 99euros Software doesn’t provided with such an encoder, and that we have to get it by our own!
Do I think like a fool or someone agree a bit ?

Yes, the first. PG explained above: when including Lame in Wavelab, Steinberg would have to pay royalties. In other words, Wavelab Elements would become more than 99 euros.

yes, exactly 99 + 14.99 (mp3 plug) = 113.99 ! (i’m not so fool in fact !).

I only wanted to say that for this price, i was nearly sure to get a mp3 encoder, as far as other brand sound editor cheaper…
I know that i’m entering now in a marketing land, so i give up.

Why exactly are you disappointed? Is it that Steinberg is bound by royalty rules in the Elements product that prevents them from including this encoder for free - and it bugs you? Or Is that you simply do not want to spend the 14.99 Euros to buy the encoder? Must be one or the other.

And to correct you - Elements DOES provide a very high quality encoder - for free (the LAME encoder )that is 1000% better than the one that costs money.

You could also buy Wavelab 8 Professional. The encoder in question comes “free” with that version.


Yes, the first.
From MY point of view, Steinberg has made a marketing choice which could be discutable, regarding this obviousness function for a semi-professional sound editor.

Sorry but to correct you: Elements does NOT provide the LAME encoder ; when you try for the first time to encode in mp3, a message tells you either get the payable mp3 option or show the path on your computer where the LAME_dll is . Just to be accurate.