"W" switch between Score and part to same bar possible?

When I work in a part and want to check that same bar in the score or vice versa, I select that bar and use the W hotkey. Problem is that the score always opens at the first page, in my case that’s the title page. Would it be possible to have them open at the same bar that is selected in the part/score?

I think I always select a note before pressing w, and the screen shows me that note, whether I’m on full score or part…

Tried that as well, but it always opens on the first page.

Are both the score and the part layout in page view, or galley view, or a mixture?

Both are open in page view. And I switch between them while working in Engrave mode.

Thanks, it’s the fact that you’re in Engrave mode that’s upsetting things. We’ll look into this.


After a few hours spent looking at this today, I’m afraid that a really good solution is going to be hard to come by. The problem is that when you’re in Engrave mode, switching layout also changes the nature of the selection. So the reason the selection can’t be brought into view (and you end up looking at the start of the layout) is that the thing that’s selected is really only selected in the former layout. The best we can do for now is try to bring the right bar into view, but the selection you had in the previous layout won’t be maintained.

If you instead switch to Write mode before you use W, you should find that everything works as it should. You could even create a macro in Keyboard Maestro or similar that does Command-2, W, Command-3.

Creating a Macro in Keyboard Maestro is a good idea, thanks. I already use it while working in Engrave mode to group/align dynamics in a system. A single hot key press takes me into Write mode, does the grouping and switches back to engrave mode. This will help a lot.