[W10] BUG - Tempo Track

Tempo track list is missing in the Inspector on the left of the arrangement page.

Works on my system…

Great to know… Weird, I’ve never seen this before. I re-started Nuendo and still the same thing.
The Marker track list works as it should.

Tempo Changes

That’s weird, it works here and you know that you have your markers track selected and NOT the tempo? Ahh saw it now!
Restart and hope!!

I tried re-installing N11, no luck. Such a weird issue. I keep looking to see if I’ve done something wrong. It’s the first time I’ve seen this in 1000 years of working with Nuendo

Hmm, my Tempo Track is fine, but it looks like I get a similar glitch with folder tracks…!

Nuendo 11.0.20 on MacOS 10.14.6…

That’s so weird. It’s working here…
Folder tracks

Same thing with the Signature Track here.
Signature Track