W10 - how to prevent driver updates, and how to roll them back

I’ve been looking around for a reliable source on how to deal with W10 driver updates, and hadn’t found anything I felt comfortable with until I came across these instructions. They don’t work for W10 Home, being meant just for Pro, Enterprise, and maybe some of the other ones. These instructions are from a Microsoft employee on another forum, I haven’t used them yet and can’t vouch for them - proceed at your own risk!

How to prevent drivers from getting updated when W10 does its automatic updates, without blocking security updates:

In the Search/Cortana box, type “gpedit” and select the “Edit Group Policy” result. You can also use Windows + R and type gpedit.msc
Once in the group policy editor, navigate to : Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Windows Update.
Change “Do not include drivers with Windows Updates” to “Enabled”. There are a few other settings in there that may be interesting. I haven’t tried them, so not sure how effective they are. Perhaps others here have. Not all settings are meaningful on Pro; some are really Enterprise-only.
Reapply settings (easiest thing to do is reboot)

How to identify whether a driver has been updated by W10:

Your update history in the settings app should show it. I haven’t had any driver updates in ages, so I can’t double-check. Driver updates are usually pretty rare, unless you unplug and replug stuff in a different USB port and you see the downloading/installing message.

How to roll back a driver that W10 has updated:

Right click the start menu, choose device manager, get to the device you want to roll back, choose properties, driver, roll back driver.

I hope this is helpful to someone else down the line!