W10 March Update - any scuttlebute on how it might affect us

Has anyone heard what will change?

(Drivers behavior? … Less freedom to defer updates in Pro edition? … other?).

Recommend - do a bit-by-bit image of hard drive this week before the update!



Post #4004: The majority of the audio work in the Creators Update is around spatial audio.

We also have an in-box USB Audio 2 driver, but it’s consumer-oriented right now. Chances are, for any drivers not on Windows Update, your class-compliant USB Audio 2 device will end up using that until you install the manufacturer-specific driver.

This update also includes much better options around update/upgrade times, rebooting, etc. You can snooze updates when they’re at a bad time, for example.

We’ve continued moving settings from control panel and into the settings app.

Game Mode is something to consider trying out with DAWs. It’s an expansion of the core isolation work we did, and changes thread priority and what’s on the cores the app is using. Although targeted to games, there may be benefits to other performance-hungry applications. To use it, Hit Win+G when the app is running, and select the option to treat the app like a game. You can turn it off for the app later if it doesn’t do anything useful. > Some of the DAW manufacturers are already trying out this feature to see how it works for them.

Finally, for folks who stay up late at night using their DAW, you may appreciate the blue-light reduction you can optionally schedule. This is similar to what’s on the iPad, and done for the same reasons: blue light within an hour or two before bed has been shown to make it more difficult to get to sleep because it impacts melatonin generation.

Can a Steinberg rep let us know whether they are one of the DAW companies working with Game Mode (vis a vis Cubase)?

Expected release date - April, 2017


Was kindly asked today when I wanted to upgrade to Creators Edition. I cloned the C drive and took the plunge.

So far, everything seems to be working fine, Cubase, Waves on iLok, USB interface, my synth, etc. Interestingly, when I booted up Cubase it said there was a non-recoverable error with the e-licenser … but it booted up anyway, and fully functional at least as far as the one song I checked went! E-Licenser maintenance after that was unsuccessful unless “Run as Administrator” as prompted by W10 (I think).

One thing I couldn’t find was the “My computer access is metered, please don’t download updates for a long time …” button. Does anyone know, has that been removed?

Finally, going through all the W10 settings, it left most, but not all, intact. So I went through every one, one-by-one, to make sure it’s how it was (by memory) before the update. It did leave the Power settings and “Optimize for Programs, not Background” settings intact.

If any probs I’ll report back, though it seems most everyone else has been tapped to update already, so it’ll maybe be old news by then to everyone but me!