W11 VST3 Instruments only?

I’ve got a brand new machine with W11 installed. In my VST instruments, it’s showing me only vst3 elements (not 2 & 3), so VEP vst3 only, not VEP vst2. I need acesss to the vst2 version of that one. Can anyone tell me what I’ve done wrong?


You haven’t done anything wrong, Cubase just shows VST3 when both are present. You can create your own plugin collection in the Plugin Manager and add the VST2 version there. You can start with ‘Copy Current Collection’ to do most of the work for you.

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Thanks for the answer ! How do I find the VST2 version though, and how would I put it in this new collection?

In the plugin manager it shows the type, VST2 or VST3, for each plugin. If you want the VST2 version, make a Collection and drag the version you want over to it.


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