W7 64bit ram limits and Cubase

I am reading that the W7 basic only ‘sees’ 8gb
and W7 home prem will only up to 16 gb ram.

Does this affect how much Cubase and associated softwares can access ?
In other words if the OS only sees /uses up to say 8gb but Cubase, et.al. needs more, can it get what it needs if over 8gb ?



No … and yes. While versions of Windows have artificial limit of RAM it can access, every 64-bit application still has 8TB address space, so if you install a large ultra-fast RAM-based “disk” as a swap device, you’d get a quite nice nerd-DAW.

Allright just to make sure here cause I have to wonder how DAW users with 16 0r 32 gb ram are accessing it, they must be using W7 Pro or Mac’s.
Not that i’d ever approach this usage amount but:
Lets say I have 16gb ram installed.
If using the W7 home basic OS then start plugins, orchestra vsti, big track count running etc .
I am gonna go bonk due to the OS allowing only 8gb ?

Questions are to make sure I don’t short myself on ram/OS and then have to buy another version of W7 in order to use more RAM. Just trying get it dialed in now as I am in mid DAW build.


most samplers and stuff allow a compromise of streaming directly from disc Vs load into ram, so can be optimised to requirements/specification.

But otherwise, 16gig ram is still a lot but yes we choose the OS variant to match the max ram.