W7 64x 7.04 Performance - am I missing something?

This is a relatively sparse tune why is it running at nearly 1/4 of indicated resources?

Small audio loops, 1 x Kontakt, 1 x Padshop, 1 x Massive, 1 x Battery, 1 x Padshop.

44.1/24bit, Loads of Ram (16 gig) i2600k o/c 4.5 ghz yes resource monitor shows CPU 1,3,5,7 are parked.

Buffer set to 256 using Zed r16 f/w.

Surely I should have more processor/resource headroom than this or am I being thick? :blush:

can’t offer a solution but try posting here as you have an ADK system ,he normally hovers in and out of that section :wink:


Thanks but I doubt it’s the machine I think 7 is a lot more resource hungry maybe the shiny new gui?

I can bother ADK anytime I like directly that’s why I bought instead of building (that and the fact I’m totally ham fisted…) :laughing:

I’ve noticed this. It’s at that sort of level when it’s not even running. But it doesn’t seem to get much higher when you work. I think that there is a background level of usage. It will reduce of you switch the plugins off, I tried this to see what was using all the resources.