w7/X64 -> will we be able in the future to hotplug usb midi?

or not?

I know it is ok for Mac but not for Pc due to microsoft midi architecture or something…

But is it forever? It can be so fustrating sometimes to close everything and re-opening…when firing an usb external gear…(tempest, subphatty, minibrute and so on…)


Have to restart my system to get Cubase to pick up a newly plugged in USB midi device

Refer here:


Be sure to ask them for this in the feature request section.

I can disconnect and reconnect my Axiom 49 while Cubase is running and have it still working by doing a MIDI reset.

Open “Devices” menu -> Click “Device Setup” -> Click the MIDI reset button in the top left corner that looks like this [|◄]

If I disconnect my Axiom for some reason while Cubase is running and I do this, I can continue using it without having to restart Cubase. I’m not sure if this works with any other controllers, but it works for me on Win7 x64 + C7 + Axiom 49.

HTH :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting this. It also works on my Axiom Pro. There is one drawback, however. It will reset all ports to visible. Not a big deal but I like to hide all the ports i’m not using.

It doesn’t work on the M-Audio Oxygen 61 but its not a problem I come across very often :wink: