W9 - FEATURE REQUEST:Batch conversion output > source folder

I believe this is a somewhat trivial request, but it would be helpful.

The WaveLab 9 batch processing feature available at File > Tools > Batch Conversion already has the capability to drag in a folder and “Include subfolders.”

However, it requires a single destination folder to be selected, and all the output is flattened into one output directory which forces the user to have to manually organize later.

I have projects where I need to preserve 5-6 layers of hierarchy with hundreds (sometimes thousands) of files and manually recreating the structure is untenable.

Here’s what I’d like to see in this feature:

  1. The option to simply output the batched files in the same location as the originals. If I drag in a folder and include subfolders,then select “Output to source directory(ies)”, the files are simply placed alongside the originals in the source folders.
  2. The option to output to a new folder (as you have now) but to preserve original hierarchy. In this case, the files would be placed in an alternate folder from the source folder, but all the files would be put into the same hierarchy as the original.

This would be helpful, and I don’t think the technical requirements are high on this.

Ultradust, can’t you already do this?

  1. Select “As Source Path” and it writes back to the original nested source folders. (don’t know how many levels).

  2. Select “Explicit Path + Source Folder (3 levels)” and it can write to a new folder with the nested folders. But I guess it’s only 3 levels.

So maybe you just need more levels?

Thanks, bob99!

Yes, you are correct. I apologize for not being more specific. I meant this request for the Batch Conversion tool available at File > Tools > Batch Conversion. I’ll edit my original post to be more clear.

Everything you can do in the Batch Conversion tool, you can do in the “big” Batch. Please try this.

Philippe, thank you for the swift reply.

I really like the quick/small Batch Conversion tool, it just seems like it could be much more useful if at least the “export to source directories” option was included there.

Of course I can use the “big batch.” :slight_smile: But it feels quick and easy to just fire up the Batch Conversion tool, fling some files in there and go.

Either way, you’ve build an incredible product. The v9 design refresh is beautiful and extremely user-friendly. Major props to you.