W9: is MasterRig stereo only?

I’m editing this 6-track audio montage in my this-morning-purchased-update-of-Wavelab9-which-looks-very-nice, but I’m experiencing errors in the Master Section when I switch MasterRig on:

Error reported by plug-in MasterRig:
At this insertion point, the plug-in cannot accept the number of input channels.

Does this mean MasterRig is stereo only?
Makes sense since it includes m/s-coding, and I’ll find my workaround in adding separate (multi-channel) plugins, but just to be sure I’m not doing something wrong, I’m posting this question.

Niek/ Amsterdam.

Hi Niekbeem,

you are right, MasterRig is stereo only. So no error from your side.


Thanks, and no problem: I’ll find my workarounds…