Wacky issue with window focus in Dorico 3

So, this is an interesting one.

I opened up an old score in Dorico 3 and saved as a new filename (with Dorico 3 on the end) so that I could test things in the new version without altering the original file.

I was changing artificial harmonics in an old score from the old method of notation to the new method. After doing this, I lost the slur between two artificial harmonics.

To verify that the slur was actually there originally, I opened up the original file in Dorico 3 (without Dorico 3 on the end of the name) alongside so I could compare as I was working so that I can add the slurs back if they get deleted accidentally.

Now whenever I delete the old-style touch 4th from the new Dorico 3 file (by selecting the touch 4th diamond note and pressing the delete key), it deletes it, but then my window focus somehow automatically changes back to the original file and I have to click on the Dorico 3 window again. This is happening consistently.

Any ideas? I think this is a bug.

I am unable to reproduce this problem; I have two versions of a string quartet side by side, and when I delete an old-style artificial harmonic, the focus stays in that same window (the new harmonics property is incredible, by the way - all of my microtonal accidentals are working perfectly).

Maybe if you are still having this problem, you could save your earlier version as a pdf, so you only have one Dorico window open?