Wacom (Intuos) Tablet in Cubase 6 (vs. 5)


Does anybody out there use a tablet (Wacom Intuos 3 in my case) as a primary or secondary editing device within Cubase?
While Cubase 5 properly recognized a single tap as a click, Cubase 6 needs a double-click or a minimal position change (slide) after tapping. (As could be expected, operations with top menu navigation items and windows - moving, resizing etc. - present no issues.)
It does seem like an easy-to-fix issue to me, and although I am aware of its rather low priority, I would be very grateful if it was addressed sooner or later in a patch. But to be considered a bug, there have to be other people reporting/confirming the problem, right?
So, if there is somebody experiencing this issue and finding it inconvenient, please respond.

Thank you.

Same problem here, …and no slolution.

I also have this problem with an Intuos 4.

yes same here with touch screen ! :open_mouth:
cubase 5.5.2 working perfectly & now with cubase 6 no more simple “clic” you have to move your finger or stylet from left to tight to “open” something !!! very annoying ! :angry: (& don’t work everytimes)
there must be something “wrong” in the new cubase 6 graphic (cubase plug too) !
all other programs worked as expected even cubase 5 & cubase 5 plugins !
please steinberg take a look ! :wink:

a little “gentle” bump on this :wink:

I have the same problem with an Intuos3 tablet. Very annoying, used to work perfectly in Cubase 4…

I use a wacom bamboo and don’t experience the problem that other intuos users are reporting. Cubase 6 is able to recognize single taps (clicks)

Same problem here with Medion 21,5" touchscreen and Cubase 6

Simple click in Beatdesigner or on the Buttons in the mixer doesn´t work. (If i try it in Cubase 5, its working perfect).
Changing windows in Cubase 6 works with a single fingeclick.
Sliding the Finger (Pen) or some fast klicks works sometimes in beatdesigner.

Deleting the beat with my fingerclick in beatdesigner doesn´t work in any way :frowning:

Tried to find a solution, but nothing helps :frowning:

I really need this single fingerklick to have fun on beatdesigning with my touchscreen :slight_smile:

bump again :sunglasses:

A semi-hi-jack request?

I’ve thought about getting one of these for years.

Did any of you get this just for DAW use? Or, did you already have and use it and just use it with Cubase since it’s your ‘mouse?’

With your DAW is it ‘kewl?’ … or can’t live without it essential?



Yes, i bought my touchscreen only for making Beats in Cubase with Beatdesigner.
Its much more fun, easier and faster to create beats and loops with fingers than a mouse.
Like an analog step sequencer.

In Cubase 5 it really works nice.
So i need this single Fingerclick in Cubase 6 too :wink:

Cool idea, Dan!

But different kind of tablet than a Wacom Tablet … which is an input device designed for graphics, not a Tablet Computer or Touch Screen.

What type of Touch Screen and how does it respond to pressure levels for velocity on Beat Designer?

And, do you have tiny fingers? :smiley:

I’d still like to hear an answer to my Wacon Tablet question, though.


Here my Intuos 4 works as to be expected. Maybe you have to change some settings?

yes but the problem is the same. would like to hear what they have changed from 5 > 6 in the input type.

If you use a 22" Touch and 32 steps (like on the picture) its really big enough.
I think the cells are big as a key on your keyboard.
For 64 steps you can use a pen.
To set the velocity you only have to slide the finger in the cell like the mouse (but i don´t really use it)

Its much faster because you can set the beats without moving a mouse to the positions :slight_smile: (especially if you use 2 or more screens.)
Touchscreen is also nice to set the sliders in the mixer. A little bit analog feeling :slight_smile:

Please Steinberg have a look at the single click of usb input devices :slight_smile:

yes steinerg please look at this ! :sunglasses:

i have found a little solution :slight_smile:))))))))))

It works with Teamplayer 2 (http://www.wunderworks.com/teamplayer/)
You can try the Trial or find Teamplayer 2.2 somewhere else :wink: (Because its really expensive)

Its a software that enables multiple mices in Windows. (You have 2 or more courser to work with without jumping)
It seems like cubase 6 can handle this second device with a single simple click.
I can use my fingers now on the 2. touchscreen by letting the mouse on the main screen.

I´m so happy to be able to use my fingers for designing beats again.
Hope this could help you too :slight_smile:))))

+1 for better support of touch screens!

DanLemur you’re the winner thanks !!!
cubase 6 now work as expected with touch screen ! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

are you able to use “multi finger” with this program ?

I don´t think cubase is multitouchable.
I will try to touch 2 sliders at the same time,