Wacom Pen and Graphic Tablet not working in New Version 11 ARA (Windows)

Hi I use a Wacom Pen and Graphic Tablet it’s never been a problem in Spectralyers 10 but in he new 11 ARA version the drop down menus don’t respond, but they work fine with a track ball. Also stand alone program works fine too. I’ve been using a pen and graphic tablet for years in Cubase and never had any issue before. Anyone else found this issue?

Hello. I dont have a Wacom tablet, but I do have a Huion Pen and drawing tablet. It works well with the drop down menu and all the selection tools in SL pro 11.

I have the latest Win11 updates, Huion tablet drivers and the latest Nvida drivers. You may want to list your equipment, as that may help.

@balinas3000 Which model Huion Pen and drawing tablet do you use?

@balinas3000 “Which model Huion Pen and drawing tablet do you use?”

I have the Huion Kamvas Pro 16 GT-156. While it has ‘press keys,’ the Huion doesn’t do multi-finger gestures. This is ok, as there are workarounds for rotation, zoom, etc.