"Waipu Cove"

Another one from my regular stuido client. This is a co-writen duet by Matt and his 12yr old duaghter Holly.
A fun wee tune about their favourite holiday spot:

Waipu Cove

This will be my initial preview mix/arrangement I will be sending to Matt so if you spot any flaws/bloopers… let me know! :sunglasses:

Charming! I don’t know why but it’s got an antipodean feel, the cause of which I can’t put my finger on.

I like the changing sonorities and backing as the song progresses - really wakes up the ears.

I thought the shaker is a bit loud and toppy - particlarly at it’s entry at the start?

Makes me feel cheerful, which if you know me is a real result! :smiley:

Nice looking place too - not too disimilar to some places I know on the west coast of Scotland.

Cheers Dave! I’m not sure what antipodean feels like but whatever it feels like I’m sure it’s appropriate :laughing:
Matt is actually an Aussie, complete with accent, though his daughter Holly sounds more Kiwi - so maybe that adds to the antipodean flavour?

I’ve uploaded a softer mix with some added seashore ambients. It was sounding a bit on the brash side - unfortunately Matt who played the guitars used a VERY hard pick. I had to re-do one rhythm guitar because it was just way too hard sounding. Elsewhere I’ve used a combination EQ and compression to try soften the other guitars, ukuleles and other sounds as well. I think it worked.

Cheerful is indeed the desired result - so I guess we can consider that a success! :smiley:

I thought it sounded like it was produced by an antipodean clayderman.
I don’t know what that is, exactly, but that’s what I thought. :slight_smile:

I, too, find this uplifting. It’s a nice little song and well produced.
The voices blend well and there’s an innocence to the female voice that’s pleasing to me.
No nits on the mix. It sounds ready to present.

Nice work, Ian.

Wow – talk about “synchronicity”

I saw that phrase on one of Ian’s CD’s today… and remembered Onkel using it in the old forum, so I looked it up because I has no clue what it meant. Then just a minute ago I posted something about it in the Lounge. Then I come here to hear this song, and WTF – it’s talked about in this thread

ALL within the same 12 hour period. Weird, huh?

Anyway – cute, affecting little tune. So they bring you the basic tune and then you produce /orchestrate it? That is very cool – you’re quite good at it. LOVE the bells – makes the whole track

Lenny, Doug & Dave. Thankyou. You have NO idea how timely your feedback is. Matt has been agonising over this humble wee tune, getting quite obsessed and full of doubt. Questioning so much and literally losing sleep over it! :astonished:

I have no doubt he’s hit saturation point, and completely lost all ability to judge or make impartial and objective assessments about what this song is and how it sounds. I actually told him today in our 65th email exchange to step back, take a break, put this to one side and re-assess after a week or so.

BUT I did just today pass on your feedback…because I think it’s exactly what he needed to hear. AND (phew!) - it was well received and I think snapped him back into reality.

I have to say… working with other people and their songs and then subsequently witnessing their ‘process’ as the song unfolds has been both extremely challenging at times and yet at the same time quite illuminating. I am still often quite stunned by the level of obsession and anxiety that some of these guys put themselves through…alomst as if its a life and death situation. Fascinating really.

Still, Matt was very appreciative of my rather forward advice, called me a ‘good soul’ (whatever that is) and agreed he needed to ‘take a chill pill’. And then whooped with joy when I later shared YOUR feedback. :sunglasses:

And, at the end of the day, that’s what its all about. :slight_smile:

Well known story: after Springsteen had finished recording what would become his “Born to Run” album, they presented him with a mix, and he rejected it. They then proceeded to present mix after mix to him, and he rejected them all, and even in utter disgust threw one master tape off a balcony of a high rise hotel he was staying in. He was complaining about all this to his manager Jon Landau one day, and Landau quipped, “It’s not supposed to please YOU, you know, it’s meant to please the public” at which point Springsteen calmed down and let the engineers do their job. Of course, the album was a big hit, made him a star, appears on most "best of all time lists, and to my ears sounds pretty good.

It’s mixed in mono, BTW

Hi Ian

Maybe I’ve got my awkward head on this morning but I thought it sounded a bit hurried or rushed. Everything is well done of course and it’s a pleasant tune.

except by me… :blush: until now. :smiley:

Thanks for the listen and feedback Dave, though I’m wondering what aspect in particular sounded hurried and rushed? AND… I’m NOT gonna say anything to Matt! :astonished:

Not sure if it’s the tempo or the vocals but it feels to me like it should have a more relaxed feel. It sounds a bit like they are determined to get the lyrics out in time. A bit jerky where perhaps the vocals could sound a bit more like they are dreaming of the place instead of like they are rushing down the road to get there as fast as possible. Of course I’m being picky as usual and no one else seems bothered by it. :mrgreen: :ugeek: And who am I to talk about vocal delivery. For goodness sake don’t tell them. It’s easy for me to say form here after all the work has been done.


I had another listen to see if I agree with Dave, and I’m still ok with it as is. It’s a lively tune driven by the conga
beat, and the vocals are on top of the beat. That works for me. Most importantly, the phrasings are all smooth.
It could’ve been sung in a more relaxed way, but I believe it works this way as well.
After another listen, I do think I’d bring down the female vocal a bit.

I’m really enoying all your little production ornaments on this, Ian.

It’s a fair cop it seems. :smiley: :sunglasses:

Well, it seems Matt is getting pretty good feedback elsewhere so I don’t see me changing anything now, though I think he’s still keen to resing his parts at some stage… but for different reasons talked about here.

Anyway, thanks for the comments. I think people get the intent behind the song and it’s generally enjoyed for what it is so… mission accomplished I think!


Relax. It sounds great. Lenny nailed it.

yes nice mix ,not my taste in music but i can appreciate the quality of the recording ,good job .