Wait for it... EP (art pop/chamber pop)

Dear fellow Cubasers, Nuendoers and Doricoers,

Today I release my solo EP which I have been working on for many years. The title “Wait for it” is however mainly meant as a sort of dark comment about the times we are living in, with conflicts and hate escalating all around, while the world is sort of holding its breath, like waiting for something to boil over. A feeling I’ve been having for several years already, and sadly, the title has now become far more prophetic than intended.

Some reviewers have compared it to artists like Peter Gabriel and Ben Folds – both huge inspirations of mine. The songs, lyrics and arrangements are by me, and I perform the vocals, piano, drums and keyboards. There is also a string quartet, a bass clarinet and bass guitar played by some of the finest musicians in Norway. It was recorded on Cubase Pro in various studios and locations, during the years 2015–2020.

So here it is: “Wait for it… Vol. 1” – Four songs about fake happiness, awkward non-dates, geek heartbreak and the rise of authoritarianism. I hope you like it. Take care :yellow_heart:

A fair warning about content: The last song is strongly political, but it is something I had to do.

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Now the whole EP is also out in lyric video format: