Waited All Day Now V11 Crashes Someone Anyone ?

I waited to upgrade all day , waited m waited and waited, now that it finally went thru and all seamed ok, when I load a session it crashes to the dreaded there a serious problem I get about 100 of them and I have to end the program thanks Steinberg , at least my 10.5 Still appears to work,
this is crazy been a Steinberg user since 83 and just cant get any love from them .,. bugs that never get fixed they just release new versions with new featured and never fix the bugs… please don’t push me to switch I’m to old to learn a new daw. But you guys have no respect for your users…

anyone else experiencing the serious error thing I think its a plugin but it all works on 10.5 like it always did the log

also my 10.5 is loading but its not on the dongle, what’s up with that , anyone know…


Your 10.5 license was updatet to a 11, that’s why there is no 10.5 anymore.

The new 11 license works for all older Cubase versions.