Waiting almost a week for a support ticket is normal?

I submitted a ticket last Friday and now it’s the next Thursday and I’ve only received a confirmation email but no answer or solution. I’m locked out of Activation Manager because I apparently registered my new Cubase 13 installation with an email address I use for payments as I got kind of stuck in the process. It looked like it would work but now I have the Activation Manager with that email address and all other Steinberg related stuff I usually use with another email address. So now I’m locked out of all my Steinberg programs !!! It starts to get painful!

Your request (ticket ID# XXXXXX) has been received and will be reviewed by our support staff as soon as possible - usually within a few working days.
Please be aware that the processing of requests might be delayed, depending on the current number of requests, and the complexity of your inquiry.

so what is going on?


I should add I submitted a much clearer more complete ticket after reading the first ticket again which was kind of “wtf???” kind of a mess probably due to stress over not getting Cubase or anything else Steinberg up and running …

I think you are gonna wait a lot longer than 1 week if things are like back in the day. If you need technical help you have a better shot of getting help by asking in the forums. Also with Cubase 13 problems just after release, I am sure Steinberg is getting slammed by requests.

Yeah, maybe.


But the forumites can’t reset email addresses! :smiley: Oh, well, what do I have to lose? Cover me … I’m going in! :sunglasses:

I waited about 1-2 weeks last time I logged one.

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OK, Tuesday now, two weeks on Friday …
It’s Cubase 13 release days, but???
Anyways, I posted the actual problem here on the forum and and got it solved!!! :sunglasses:

You will be waiting for a while. I sent a support ticket back on November 3rd and they still haven’t responded even though it says 24 - 48 hours. This is seriously jokey. Disappointed in so many ways with Steinberg. They are not respecting their customers. I mean they really should have made a statement of acknowledgement of our issues.

Yeah, not good!

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