Waiting for C6.5.5 update.

Hi there, does anybody knows when the 6.5.5 update will be available???
I ve been waiting for too long, and would really love to have a new version of my daw. (since the c7 version is already available, i wonder if there is in fact going to be an update for CUbase 6.5 to C6.5.5)

Hope to get some developers answers too.
Thanks 4 all,


All that Helge Vogt told us at this forum is 2013

That’s true, he did. …But, hey, really, let’s get this over with! :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you mean by getting this over with…?

I mean, deliver the goods, let’s move this along, alright already, ______________________ (fill in the blanks).

And I mean no disrespect to Steinberg by encouraging them to produce 6.5.5 soon. I think some encouragement is a good thing. :sunglasses:

Sure, we are waiting. Let’s hope it is worth the time waiting for. :sunglasses:

lets hope they don’t introduce any of the crap behaviour of c7 , i think we will be very lucky to get an update now

filterfreak I remember you were one of the first to purchase C7 and at the time, first week or so, you were pretty praiseful of it. But that changed I see. OK.

FWIW, I am downloading the free C7 trial right now. I guess it’s time to take a run at it first hand. Maybe you can confirm this, but I was under the impression that you could open a C6.5 project in C7 and the results would be a rather new and improved C6.5, picking up ASIO Guard and a few efx. Is this not the case? I mean, I am asking you, if you like C6.5, why done you just create a C6.5 project and then open it in C7?

this is what im doing mr.roo’s , you can open the c6.5 projects in c7 perfectly there are no issues on this system doing that ,c7 is a very nice looking program and its worth a look to make your own mind up about it , quite a lot of people are having graphic issues with the mixer on both platforms BUT not everyone , the controlroom if you use that has it’s own little quirks BUT not everyone is having these issues , i personally love the look of c7 and understand that the more dedicated graphic design is more CPU demanding than c6 so that does not bother me , the ASio guard ive not had to bother with as c7 does run very smooth from the project page it’s only clicking and then more clicking on the mixer that causes sluggishness and glitches BUT not everyone is having these issues .
sorry to rattle on the only way you are going to find out if c7 is for you is to try it , you’ll be impressed with the upgraded GUI … i say go for it as it’s not going to stop you rolling back to c6 if you don’t like it , make your own mind up but for me i hope steinberg are going to keep their promise about the final update for c6 just to show they do keep their promises ( im using 6.5 until c7 is ready )

Nice debate guys, but im not asking for speculation, :wink:
Im asking for facts, LOL

We need to have a steinberg answer, dont we?

See you, and thanks for supporting my topic!!!


filterfreak. I loaded it and I agree with basically all your comments and concerns. Thanks for writing a response. It is interesting to use the new vs. the old. This said, I am leaning towards the old dog thing at this point. :laughing: The mixer is not as controllable to me, like having 4 or 5 windows open and ‘ah - they’re open, how do I close them?’ feeling. Oh well, it is pretty.

jss - c’mon, Brother, your post isn’t getting buried. :sunglasses:

Once upon a time…

someone there?

I really cant see 6.5 being updated any further now that 7 is out of the bag…has anyone down loaded the trial version of 7? Is it stand alone? It doesnt trash 6.5?

my personal opinion is stay with c6 until they sort all the issues out :wink:

steinberg promised a last up date so im sure they will keep to it

6.5 will be updated further, since Steinberg already told us (and did the same with C5). Also, the current 6.5.4 version is not officially supported. I didn’t try C7 yet, but it does coexist with C6(.5) and any other Cubase version.

Yes, C6.5 and C7 are independent of each other and both work on the same computer… What I don’t know is if the various libraries and sound banks, along with aftermarket VSTs need to be doubled up or whether you could tell C7 to share with C6.5. (I think C7 was a 5G+ download, BTW.) So I just doubled up everything if you follow. It works great, turning either version on, closing it and opening the other but I surely have about 3G of data doubled up. (Waves is not a problem as far as doubling up the data because the plugins stay in in an independent folder - but you do have to copy and paste the V9 load app into C7.)

many thanks for the info-its certainly a big file to download :slight_smile: I shall be installing to today :slight_smile:

A bug free Cubase 6.5.5 would be nice!

Cubase 7.x.x that runs fine on OS X 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) would also be nice!


…cmon guys

Personally I don´t understand why Steinberg would release the new version 7, before they even finished the previous version. Especially when the latest version of Cubase 6.5 has been this “beta pre-release” for a really long time.

Maybe I´m just old school like that.