Waiting for real-time inputing

I intend to buy DORICO. I am still waiting for the implementation of Real-time inputing. It is a crucial thing for me to make arrangements. For all the notation programs, this important function has been for many years, but it is still missing in DORICO. I can not imagine working without real-time inputing. When will this feature be included so I can finally switch to DORICO?

The team never announce a new feature until it’s nearly ready to be released. No amount of asking and complaining will ever change that.

However, Leo, we’ve read that the team is working on that real time input… But true, we do not know when it will be available.

Having said that, Daniel has in the past said that it’s definitely on the to-do list, if not before the next paid update (which of course I’m personally crossing my fingers about) then certainly (hopefully shortly?) afterwards…

There are many, many features that need to be added to Dorico. I don’t envy the job of choosing the order in which each one must be worked on and added to Dorico, by a small team of developers.

Some notation programs have real-time input, but it is often so badly implemented as to be unusable. You can be sure that when Dorico does add it, it will work beautifully.

If that’s a crucial feature for you, your best bet for now is to use some other software (for instance like the one at scorecloud.com) and do midi or xml import. That is, if you nevertheless want to use Dorico.

Even though Sibelius has real time inputting, I hardly use(d) it because it needed too much clean up afterwards. I can engrave a score faster by playing in on a midi keyboard as done at the moment in Dorico. Personally, I find it more important to get a great final automatically paginated layout where I don’t need to put too much time in to get it print ready, than real-time midi input. I rather have the team work on getting great print outs for every scenario ensemble possible than that they spent time on adding real-time midi input possibility. It will come in time, I am sure, but these things take time. Programming is a slow process.

I personally found Sibelius real-time input to a click with quantization settings pre-specified and rubato interpretation off worked extremely reliably and saved a tremendous amount of time vs. step entry, but I’m sure it also depends upon one’s keyboard facility how useful it is (personally I’m a classically-trained pianist, etc., etc.) In the meantime, Dorico’s other features are so powerful that I’ve taken (for the time being) to doing my midi entry and mock-up initially in Logic (as others are suggesting) and then importing the midi into Dorico as a starting point. But having Real-time input in Dorico is to me truly the Holy Grail, given how much else the program already has going over its competitors!

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robjohn9999, do your step time input in Sibelius, don’t use midi to export, instead export via Dolet plugin to music.xml to open in Dorico. This would give you the best results.

I suppose the degree of convenience provided by real-time input depends, among other things, on the kind of music one is entering and the playing style of the one entering the notes.

I’ve entered notes this way in many styles. As long as it can be played to a click (particularly single lines), I’ve ALWAYS found real-time Midi input in Sibelius faster than any form of step-time. It also has the advantage of retaining midi controller data (which is also why I import MIDI, as another approach, from Logic - to retain exact beatmapped tempos and all midi controller data along with just the notes - which is all I would get with musicXML)…