Waiting For The World

been a long time since I posted anything.
I just bought a Universal Audio Apollo 16, so I’d like to share a folk electronica track I wrote and recorded yesterday.
I play all the instruments.



Nice work, really great tones!

Thanks, Chris.
Appreciate it.


i like how you blended the acoustic and turned it into a rave type groove. well done, great track. :sunglasses:

excellent!!! very interesting track, enjoyed the listen…Kevin :slight_smile:

Thanks a bunch, guys.
Glad you like it.
I’m really happy with my Apollo 16 interface.
I also have a Prism Orpheus, which is a more expensive interface, but I don’t hear the big difference.
Plus tracking with UA plugs without latency is awesome:)


So great to hear something new from you. I very much admire all of your recordings. Thanks for sharing it. Another beauty.

very nicely done!