Waiting For Time

Hey there,

I seem to be stuck in early 2000s slightly cinematic electronic music mashup type of phase. In any case, any feedback appreciated on this. Mix is feeling OK, but I’m often wrong about that :smiley:
Trying to keep this fairly laidback and a little funky.


I am not fan of electronic music, but I think now I am, lol. Hey, I found fantastic this track. I tried to do critical hearing about the mix, but I have nothing to say about things to improve. I liked the use of different pannings, this gave a lot of movement and space. I used a pair of too normal headphones though. I will hear it later in a better system.

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I like it!

Mix wise, I can’t make any suggestions. I listened on crappy little KRK Rokit 4s (which actually aren’t too “crappy”) and it sounded a lot better than many other things I have listened to on the same setup.

Good work all around, in my opinion (which, as I’m well aware, usually doesn’t mean much :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ).

This is really nice! I like the sounds, and I think the mix is great as it is. Everything comes out clearly.

Thanks for the positive feedback, folks. Happy to know that it’s translating well elsewhere :slight_smile:

yes really nice , creative use of sounds and arranging ! Love it .

Works for me. Definitely a cinematic feel and a great funky groove. Nothing jumps out mix-wise (apart from where it should I mean).

Nice one.

I love it!! Especially the groove in the beginning. Great work!