waiting for video service not fixed in 7.5.30

On start up I get that message and on shut down. annoying!

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 6.11.47 PM.png
Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 6.12.00 PM.png

Would someone please address this?

+1 and crash when i open last project, restart cubase work ok

This has been going on for years, with SB posting constantly that it’s resolved. I just got it yesterday in C7.5 on both OS X 10.9 and 10.10.

It’s getting ridiculous. Would Steinberg please explain why this has gone on so long?

Just put the four files videodecode.exe, videoengine.dll, videooutput.exe and videopreload.exe into quarantine. We shouldn’t have to, and I have no suggestions for folks that actually use video. Come on Steiny, this issue has been irritating your loyal customers for too long, it’s unprofessional of you to just let this one ride. Telling us this is fixed in V.8 won’t get you many friends :unamused:

+1. But I’m on Mac. :neutral_face: I thought this was a Mac problem only?

I had a similar issue on Windows 8.1

Sorry, I can’t help with Mac. I post to show that it is possible to use video in 7.5.3, but Steinberg MUST sort this out of the box and not needing users to sort it for them. I’d sooner Cubase didn’t have any video capability than this broken situation.

+1! I have no need for video (usually) and even if I did, Cubase’s capabilities are virtually non-existent.

@mac users:

please check this post from the Nuendo forum:

Thanks. Looking into this now…

Very recently i installed Mac Cubase Elements 7 and yesterday that message ( “waiting for video service” ) popped up when trying to load a project that had no video anyways. Odd?? However, I have been noting a lot of odd behavior with Cubase Elements 7. I just attribute the quirky behavior due to the fact the Mac Cubase Elements is a stripped down version and some of the programme coding has not been done correctly. In other words you get what you get for a one hundred bucks version of the real programme cost 6 or 7 times as much.

No it’s the same behavior in the full version.

If you control click the Cubase icon,click on show package contents,click on components (it’s a long time since I did it so I hope this is the right folder) and remove the video driver from the folder.This fixes the video error messages but should have been fixed years ago.

pjam - you are correct - but we shouldn’t have to do that :unamused: It’s a workaround, we paid for a “professional” package. COME ON Steiny - fix this! :imp: :neutral_face:


For PC, remove “videooutput.exe” in the “Components” folder and put it in a new folder outside of the “Components” folder. This will stop the message from showing up on Cubase 7.5 startup. You still should be able to view video within a Cubase project.

A decent work-around for now…

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