Waiting for video services.....still

I really had hope this would be fixed by now, but it still persists.

I also get this problem. What do you do to reproduce this message?

For me i only get it when i plug in an external monitor. Especially when i use my HDMI output on my rMBP.

I’ve found the only way to stop this message is to disable video support in Cubase or unplug my external HDMI or Display port monitor.

To Disable video support
ctrl-click the application Icon > show package contents > open “contents” > open “components” > remove “videoengine.bundle”.

I get this frequently when opening projects. This has been a problem since Cubase 7.0.


I can confirm this is still a big problem in 8.0.0. I’ve submitted a fresh issue report, and the devs are trying to find a solution, or so I’m told…


I get something slightly different… but I think related…

I will move away from Cubase to another Windows program which works with video and I when I switch back to Cubase I find that it’s hung. The other ‘symptom’ is that when I attempt to start TaskMgr to shut down whatever is ‘stuck’… it too is stuck. When I check the Windows error logs I’ll see that the Cubase Video Service is the culprit.

The only ‘workaround’ is a reboot.

The odd thing is this: I almost NEVER use video in Cubase!

In fact, I wish I could simply prevent the ‘video’ part of Cubase from loading.

(This is a Mac OS only issue)

Chicago Steve, do you know why this so persistent?

Then there is also Windows-based video service which quacks and walks a lot like the same duck.

You can remove the video stuff from the package contents of the CB app… This is what I did and it seems to work for me.

This makes working with video somewhat tricky, though.

Something to consider for the Windows based users:

Your may be due to a combination of your video cards and/or your motherboards.

For almost a year I had severe graphic glitches with 7.0 and 7.5 where the Cubase GUI would partially freeze in a multi monitor environment. I disabled my onboard video and tried 3 different video cards from different manufacturers but nothing fixed the problem! I blamed everyone from Steinberg to Waves to UAD for the issue but they all drew blanks. As a last resort I had Sweetwater give me a newer model of the DAW workstation I purchased from them (different motherboard) and since then all my graphic issues went away.

I’ve done soundtracks/foley with video in Cubase for hundreds of hours and never had the video engine problem.

I’ve just installed C8 and had the same video issue. However, my fix at http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=185&t=64238 still works. Hope it helps someone.