Waiting On Video Service? Sanity Check Please!

So far I am learning and enjoying the new features in Cubase 9 BUT even after this upgrade I am still having an issue with the notorious “Waiting On Video Service” that has plagued preceding versions for ages. Having to abort the service to launch the program and sometimes even on closing is extremely annoying. If there are obviously no plans to address the problem, I would have expected that the feature simply be either disabled or removed in Cubase 9 at the very least.

Could someone please affirm that they are not having the same issue I am experiencing in version 9 for this? Maybe there is a configuration change that I may have missed that was discussed during the 8.5? Or perhaps my upgrade just didn’t go over smoothly as it seemed?

Better yet, maybe I simply need to save all my work, nuke the whole Cubase installation and perform a full install of Cubase 9 instead of an upgrade? Heh? :confused:

It has to be something specific to my system because there is absolutely no way that Steinberg would push out Cubase 9 and not fix something that has been of paramount discussion and concern for years. I am in absolute denial if this is the case.

Sanity Check requested! Please!

Okay, since I haven’t received any response to a fairly simple question. No brainer actually. I’m going to assume that the bug is still in version 9.

So disregard the question entirely. Instead, does anyone have any tips as to how to disable the video service feature???
At this point I don’t personally care if its a HACK!

For me, I don’t get hung on startup, but when I close cubase I get a Video Preloader failed error.

I’m on Pro 8.5 and have this issue. I’ve been having it for years and across several versions of Cubase and Mac OS now. I even uninstalled Final Cut hoping it would resolve the issue, as some had suggested. Never did anything.

Seriously, my Cubase has been unable to quit without crashing because of that issue for years and it annoys the crap out of me.

I don’t get this problem. I think that’s what you wanted to know.

On Windows …Rename the extensions or delete everything with Video in the name in The Cubase 9 Components folder.

On Mac…you’re on your own, but it can’t be that different can it? :mrgreen:

Do you have Flip4Mac installed? If so, uninstall it.

I have a Mac but you’re correct, the way to disable is similar. So for anyone wanting to disable the video service, Per Steinberg support here is the way to do it:

“On a Mac by right-clicking or control-clicking on the Cubase Pro icon in the Applications folder and selecting “Show package content” and drilling down to the Components folder and remove the videoengine.bundle file”

I simply moved it to another folder instead of deleting it and that works as well.

As for the other random crashes I’ve been experiencing, I’ve simply grown to accept it since I cannot get a definitive explanation from Steinberg even though I’ve sent numerous crash dump logs per their request. My guess is that it may never be fully addressed since it has been going on since I first acquired Cubase 6.5 to present; and I’ve invested so many $$$ into the DAW so switching to another at this point with so much work already accomplished seems futile.