Hello :slight_smile:

here’s a song I’ve been working on and off for a couple of years. Progress? Hmm dunno.

Comments welcome


well worth the wait ,wow ,excellent stuff .

Lovin’ the Theremin Synth !! :mrgreen:

Stop working on it! This is a really good one all around - mood, space, tone, vocals, guitars, theremin, love it. Don’t keep us waiting so long!

thoroughly enjoyed it…great job on the mix as well.

very cool song, very clean mix, quite a sophisticated sound really…would have preferred the vox a bit more upfront seems a little low in places to my ears…talents growing on this forum, great to see (or should that be hear)
good work…Kevin

Hi, liked it too. I agree that at places the vocals could be a bit louder.

However, you’ve got a sound and style of your own.

what did you use for the bass was it guitar or sample ,it sounds like plectrum bass but the notes sounded very smooth and consistent in level .cheers

firestamper, monsterjazzlicks: thanks!

Early21st: thanks man, as for procrastination and perfectionsim, my situation is not that bad. We all have some “unfinished stuff” in our drawers; every now and then I check them. Some of them survive if the time is right. I wanted to give the chorus another chance, created a new story/vision around it and wrote new verses and let the mood come.

ferencz, thanks!
shadowfax, hko: yes the vocals need some work, thanks for pointing that out.

The bass is from Trilian, the patch is: TR-Modern Pick - Full Range (so it is actually available in Trilogy as well).

Created a new version. Better vocals, structural fixes and moar theremin, too! :smiley:


You got to be joking, stop the work and worry it sounds great! It is perfect…Pizza

How do you get player to show on black screen like that?

thanks, kzarider!

Now, after a few tweaks, I agree. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry but I don’t understand what you mean.

Sorry but I don’t understand what you mean.

Your audio player looked great in chrome and Safari I was wondering about how you hosted songs. Then I ran link in IE and it opened in Windows Media Player (Windows) and in Firefox the player didn’t show up. I have been looking for a better way to share rough mixes w/o soundcloud or BandCamp etc so I was wondering how you did hosting of audio files to share your music.

Hopefully that makes sense, I am at a loss for proper explaination :frowning:

hi there kzarider ,it`s quick time player .i fink.

Unique sound and style, it pulls me in. You use the most beautiful harmonies and it makes this song very likeable. Sorry to say that I don’t like your synth sound, a little UFO / space sound and I would rather have used just plain strings, but each one to his own. Actually, together with your voice (at 1:00) it sounds great, just on its own (start of the song) and 2:58 it bothers me. My compliments on your guitar playing, esp at 1:44 , sounds great on the ear and my favorite part is 2:00 - 2:20, listened to it again and again. Michael.

Very nice track. Very well produced. and well written.

Did you record any of the instruments live with Cubase ?

If so, which ones ?

Thanks for sharing. Keep up the great work.

I see. Well, since the song link is a direct link to an mp3 file, it is up to the client (i.e. your browser and computer settings) how this file is handled. That is why you get different results.


Hello, avmusic. There are 35 tracks of which 20 are live instruments: tambourine, shaker, soprano recorder, guitars and vocals.