Really nice song and production.

Thanks, happy man! :slight_smile:

You’re performance and production skills are giving me a lot of good ideas. Thank you.


I’ve listened to three new (to me) tunes this evening and this, like the other two, is so polished - great playing, great production. Lovely laid back drums and bass.

How do you capture your guitar sound(s)?


thanks again.

Hi Steve.
It is so situational, but my basic chain is from guitar to Cubase. Wait a sec… there’s sumthin more in between! :bulb:

My electric - an all mahogany PRS with Stephens Design P90s - is plugged into Mesa/boogie F-30 via T-Rex Comp Nova compressor. The cab sound is captured with Shure SM7 going into RME FF400 and finally into Cubase.

As for acoust guitars, my fav is Larrivee OM-05, which I use for both strumming and picking. The sound is captured with Oktava MK-012 and/or Shure KSM32, going into SPL 2272 where the signal is ad converted and via sp/dif forwarded to RME FF400.

But in this case, everything is different! :smiley: I simply plugged my PRS directly into FF400 and used VST Amp Rack and Guitar Rig 4, along with compression, mono delay and tremolo (stock Cubase plugins). It is difficult to be more specific, but if there’s a certain sound in the song you are interested in, just let me know and I can try to create a track preset for you.