Wake Your Passion for Sports This Winter with Manti Games' Hottest Sports Games

While action games and shooting games are still dominating the gaming world, we still realize that a large number of gamers spends their forever love for sports. Understand that passion, here, at Manti Games, we take a particular category for sports lovers to enjoy their hobbies right on their browsers. If you don’t have time to enjoy the most competitive matches at the stadium, just spend time playing games online for free.

The enormous variety of sports games will offer something you need from basic sports games such as basketball, baseball, soccer, and many more to go. Get ready for running, show-jumping, jumping, and even team-based actions. Travel between fantastic 2D and 3D gaming worlds in these amazing games instantly. Wake your athletic soul up and heat this winter up now! Which game will you like best? What are the most played online games on pc at Manti Games? Find out the answer here:

1. Basketball Shooting

Wanna join the fun club of slum boys? Here is your big chance. Just you and only you are appearing in the playing field. And, there is an obstacle moving constantly over the basket. Your mission is to aim and target the ball at the basket exactly before the obstacle comes back in a sec.

Aim and hit the ball at the basket exactly!

The game will give you endless joy and gaming experience to play in your mini breaks. Level up and try to hit the basket as many as possible. The higher the level you enter, the faster the obstacle is. As a result, you may get trouble with the obstacle. Try to prove your skills and practice right in front of the screen! Have fun!

2. Archery Training

If you are a keen fan of archery competition, this game should be the first one on your game list. Here, you will play as a professional archer who has to overcome multiple levels set by the game. Start off with an easy level first and then try to process throughout each level. Aim at the center of the bull-eye and shoot your arrows over there.

Play as a professional archer who has to overcome multiple levels!

This game will require your excellent determination, precision, focus, control, and repetition. Hit the bull’s eye exactly, gain the points and the money for your shot. Once you enter the higher levels, the distance between you and the bull’s eye will be even much further. Earn as much money as you can to purchase upgrades or other necessary things to benefit your gameplay. That means hitting the right place will be more difficult. Will you become the world’s best archer? Show off your talent in this game.

3. Ski Rush

Winter has come! It’s time for you to go skiing and shake the slopes. You have long been waiting for these fun yet challenging activities all the summer, but now you have the chance. No need to get out of your comfort zone in your house. Just enter the brilliant sports games at Manti Games. Jump into the cold white powder right away. This exciting free-skiing game is now in your hand without going to the nearby ski resort.

_Jump into the cold white powder right away! _

Just rush back to this classic skiing game which still remains in your childhood memories. Hit the mountains right by your fingertips without paying a penny. Much like DOS games, you will have the opportunities to free your mind and soul with the snow. However, you will never worry about a suddenly-appearing pesky bear. Your keyboard or mouse will be utilized to move the skier around. Remember to avoid obstacles and collect the golden flag as many as you can. Once you are grabbed by a tree, you will have to start the game all over again. Also, join your partner in the games among excellent online games couples can play.

4. Bestial Basket

Another basketball game is right on this perfect list of the hottest sports game at Manti Games. The game can be controlled easily with the left-click mouse button only. However, to hit the basket is not easy at all. It is not what you think of it. Press and hold the ball until you are ready for the hit. Then, just release the mouse button so that the ball can be put right into the center of the basket.

Hitting the basket is not easy at all.

This fantastic basketball game requires you to use the precision for the most precise hit. Will you be the master of the stadium? Will you lead the whole team to victory? That’s your choice. Just make sure that you do it in the shortest time. Good luck!

5. Linebacker Alley 2

Grab and protect the ball while running to the stadium’s end zone!

The success from the original game Linebacker has led to the formation of this sequel. In this game, you will have the chance to continue being a linebacker. This game with 14 different levels will give you the endless feel ever. Try to complete all of them quickly. This game is built based on a simple goal. You are responsible for grabbing and protecting the ball while running to the stadium’s end zone. Will you score the expected point for your team? Watch out for dangerous and strong defenders from the opposing team. They will try them best to avoid you from scoring. Let’s have fun!

We believe that our suggestion will satisfy your thirst for relieving your stress this winter. Select the one to join and experience the most enjoyable gaming sessions. Remember to give these games a shot: https://www.facebook.com/freeonlinestrategygames/

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