Waldorf Lector with Cubase 7.5 and Win 8

I took advantage of Steinberg’s promoted discount on the Waldorf Lector Vocorder. I downloaded the available ‘Final2’ version for Win 8.1.

The version is to contain both VST 3 and VST2.x capabilities. File directory paths were all over the place. Lector loaded as an effects insert but could not recall it’s factory presets (within its own gui) or oscillator drop down choices. After 5 minutes of manual play Cubase crashes. A 36 hour response from Waldorf support suggested I downloaded the brand new (day before) version ‘Final3’. Having done so, I can see that the file directory paths are completely restructured It now creates a VST2.x plugin path, VST3 path shows up in plug-in devices, the location of the factory presets files have moved…but still do not show up within Lectors interface! Not getting any response from Waldorf support and the local Cubase support team will not support (although it was the Steinberg based promotional link that I clicked to get the ‘team deal’…)

The question: Does anyone out here have Lector up and running on Cubase 7.5 and Win 8.1 that can help a brother out?
Do you have this working?
Can you give me some pointers of file path structure?


I might be able to help you. I use the VST3 version of Lector and have no problems after finding a great video tutorial in German.

The presets you’ll find in the Waldorf map in the C:\ProgramData\Waldorf\Lector, besides presets you’ll also find their the samples that you can use in the synth part of Lector.

Hi Rommelaar,

Thanks for the response. It just dawned on me, I should have put this post in the ‘other manufacturers’ sub-category.
I finally received a response from Waldorf today:

Lector will be undergoing an update within the next 2 weeks that will make the installation/functionality a little more streamlined forr both users of Cubase 7.5 and Win 8.1

I’ll be interested in seeing what you find our when you get home.

Lector works as it should for me in my windows 7 64-bit, Cubase 7.5 64-bit VST3 64-bit format. Since windows 8 is very similar to 7, it should work for you as well. For your information, I run my windows as an administrator. The only problem I had was uninstalling the plugin with the installer you used.

Any more questions and I’ll try to help.

Fair enough point! Have edited and provided the summarization.
Thanks for the assist and I will copy you on the update.

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Waldorf has just posted the updated version of Lector for Windows 8.1 and Cubase. Installed perfectly and running fine here on 7.5. I have run into a few bugs… But not convinced at this point that it isn’t me!

Having fun with the product.