Waldorf Pulse Device Panel?

Hi all!

Is there a Device Panel for the Waldorf Pulse synth? I know that there was a guy called WaterHead that made a Panel a few years ago. See this post: http://www.cubase.net/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?p=722600&sid=52808d634069efc4c184588093cd710f

Does anybody have this panel perhaps? The download link for it doesn’t work of course :frowning:

Many thanks in advance!


Hi have you seen the editor at http://rekonaudio.com/


I only have version 1.1, I think there was a newer version somewhere but if it helps I have uploaded it to a site where you can download it from temporarily :


Please note it will only be there until saturday

I missed to download the file :frowning: Is it possible to maybe upload it again? Or could you maybe send it to flaxkikaren@hotmail.com? Either would be great!!

Many thanks in advance!!


So do I!

Please, relink :slight_smile:


No problem, try here:

As before this link is primarily temporary but should be there for all of december

Thanks a lot!!!


does anybody here have the device panel as .xml file?? all the links are dead, and google did niot help me… i would greatly appreciate it!




I tried sending you a PM but they do not allow zip, rar or XML files to be sent on the forum, PM me a valid email address and I will email it to you

i just send you a pm. i kind of lost all hope a week ago and did not even check this forum anymore…

thanks in advance!!

I’m actually looking for a Waldorf Pulse Midi Device for Cubase as well. Anyone want to send me a link? That would be brilliant. Thank you.