Walking Naked in The Woods

Got my studio back up yesterday after being down almost 6 months.

Just did an instrumental.

Groove Agent 2 drums
Lap Steel - direct
Bass - direct
Electric guitar - direct
Acoustic Guitar direct


Sounding good considering it’s all direct! Played well and I like that the two leads going on are not ever conflicting.


Well…disappointed mate…definitely miss your vocal on this… can almost hear you singing…don’t stop with the vocals… :frowning: …Kevin

Sounds good. Well played. I enjoyed focusing on the different guitars. The left one, that is pushed back just a little, had some good riffs too.

Very nice!
Great sounds, well played. :sunglasses:

I enjoyed this.


Appreciate the comments.

I just haven’t been in a lyric writing mood lately but will probably force myself to start writing some in the next couple of weeks.

You have your studio set up well! Has that cool feeling of Dan Hicks to me. When you say “direct”, you mean with an amp sim? Sounding good.

Nice piece. To me the bass needs a bit of hi-pass EQ – gets muddy in a couple places