Wanna buy a "monitor switcher", which one suits Cubase 9.5 Pro?


Wanna buy a “monitor switcher”, which one suits Cubase 9.5 Pro? Any one in perticular or just random? I’m thinking of buying the PreSonus Monitor Station V2. Link: https://www.thomann.de/se/presonus_monitor_station_v2.htm

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Do you really need one - Have you tried using the control room?

You can switch between multiple monitors there.

I’ve been using the Monitor Station v2 for a couple of years now and really like it. Smooth, quiet operation. It replaced a Mackie Big Knob which became “clicky” and the volume knob started leaking at low levels. Great for shoring up external ins/outs in a compact way.

agree with Manike, Control Room much mroe suitable

Unless you don’t have an output available on your audio interface. Control room would use 2 outputs for 2 monitors while a switcher can use 1 output for 2 monitors. Plus you get a physical knob.

That said, I use Control Room.

agree, and if you have any midi device you can assign Control Room monitor volume to any knob/fader

I actually made this transition about 2 weeks ago. I used to use CR to select speakers but never used the CR Monitor Level to control the volume. Instead I had two JBL MCS1 units, not for switching but rather room correction & level control. But one of them stopped working so I transitioned to just using the Control Room. I have a CMC-AI which by default is setup to control the CR level - so that was covered. But I have to say using a real volume control on the MSC1 lets me control the volume more finely than the CMC and also just feels better in use - this could all be in my head too :angry:

you are right about real control. Before CR i was on TC Konnet 6 with big knob volume control. after my TC died, i also thinkin about buying external monitor switcher… But, god bless CR :smiley: its saves me time & money. yes, its only works in Cubase, and you can’t control all system.

near my pc keyboard, placed AKAI APCmini, last fader (nearest to me) controling monitor levels. others knob switching between Monitors & Cues, also Listening & Talkback functions.
Sometimes i’m wondering, how i work without CR before.

The Avid Artist Transport is an excellent controller for Control Room. You have very precise control of volume using the control wheel and you can have visual feedback on which monitor is selected via the illuminated buttons. It’s pretty much perfect for this role. The only downside is that it is now discontinued so you would have to buy it used but the build quality is very good so I think it’s a fairly safe used buy.

btw, many of Monitor Switchers add color to output sound.

Control room 100% transparent

I use an old Presonis Monitor Station. It has separate headphone outs so I can feed a mix to a vocalist for recording without bleed from the monitors, my control room is also my studio. It also has a physical knob I can reach for and a mono button. I use ARC2 to make sure my listening space is flat, and it’s calibrated using the full signal chain so there should be minimal coloration. I don’t use all of it but for the 3 or 4 things I do use it for, it works perfectly.
I also use the CR but I don’t want to mess with the knob there.
I would recommend either a Monitor Station or a Big Knob. If you really want to go for it, get a nice API or SSL summing console.