Want a bargain


GBP 35,000.00
Approximately US $54,393.50

It’s worth it for the Beatles audio residue left in the circuits.

Reading the details, it sounds like the seller has replaced so many components with ones that were not in the original that I wonder to what degree it can be called the same box that the Beatles recorded through.

No, sh!t, Sherlock? :mrgreen:
Is this minus the Beatles, George Martin, the staff at Abbey Road, the rooms and the coffe machine?
Out of context just like that, if nobody told me when I run something through it, I would probably think it was a …
… compressor, albeit a very yummy one? :confused:
But some people like to buy stuff like that, so … :unamused: :laughing:
I just wonder what they think they will get out of it?


[/quote] I just wonder what they think they will get out of it?[/quote]

Probably put the device behind glass and boast about it. :smiley:

Hope Keith Richards doesn’t buy it, he’ll grind it up and snort it with some coke. :wink:

And someones ashes :laughing: :laughing: