Want Cubase Server Pro

Hi, I was thinking about the concept of workgroup of musicians or composers which work against 1 Cubase Serer Pro to collaborate.
Also possiblilties are that you run 1 studio and have several control surfaces in the from of a laptop, desktop, tablet whatever …

So is this an new idea or what …

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Anything where pro is a abbreviation for professional would be great.

This is like one of the prime Nuendo features, where multiple people can work on one session, but you might want to check out VST Connect and VST Transit which are about collaboration over the internet.

Hi I know of all these collaboration, in my opinion it must be more hardcore wheer you have a really fast compuetr processing your project, the workstations do no process but only access the GUI part, it’s a modular concelt which fits the dsitributed computing (all the GUI cpu load is local).

But thanks for the explenation, you’re all making sense in a way that if I had to accomplish it today, I would follow your advise.