Want to bounce without VariAudio changes

I use VariAudio for pitch corrections. When I send the tracks to the studio, I want to give the engineer a complete uncorrected version in addition to the corrected one. Is there a comfortable way to bounce audio WITHOUT the VariAudio changes, or do I have to open all parts and deactivate the changes I made during the recording and arranging process?

I think you have to deactivate VariAudio for each event.
If you need to do that regularly, the fastest way would probably create a new track version for the audio data and bounce that (or just copy the whole track and bounce). Then you can do the pitch edits on one track and keep the other clean.

Sure I could do that, but it doesn’t fit my workflow: I do a lot of tuning and editing when I select the parts for a track so that I can base my decisions on how the parts will sound when they are tuned. So an option like I described it would be very much appreciated.

What’s the difference if you do it before or after variaudio editing?

Not a great help now but in future, always duplicate the raw vocal before the vari audio work begins.

Oh and don’t forget that, unless you have bounced and deleted, all the raw files are still available in the pool. So you can bring them back into the project.